Key Features:


  • 4 Simultaneous link logging

  • Cross trigger support between 1U products

  • 1U rack mounted solution

  • Up to 400Mbps link speed

  • Gb Ethernet for logging

Portable SLR

  • Single Link logging

  • No cross trigger support

  • Small formfactor desktop box

  • Up to 400Mbps link speed

  • Gb Ethernet for logging


Product Briefs

Related Products

The Multi Link Recorder (MSR) enables passive recording of SpaceWire transfers. The MSR can record up to four links simultaneously. It monitors packets in both directions (Tx and Rx) of the SpaceWire link, adding time tags at the start and end of each packet and sending the data to a computer for recording and post analysis. Triggers can be set to capture low level signal waveforms for post analysis.
The Spacewire Link Recorder (SLR) can monitor a single SpaceWire link.

Software is provided to help manage and search the recordings and captured waveforms. Additionally, interfaces to 3rd party tools (such as WireShark and GTKWave) enables the user to post process and visualise the data in a format suitable for them adding their custom protocols and data formats.


 Feature  Option  MSR-RG4xx/8 P-SLR-2
 Event / Error Reporting  ER  Included  Included
 Event / Error Waveforms  EW  Included  Included
 Time Tags  TT  Included  Included (No synchronisation)