Ordering Information:


  • < Length > m
  • < Connector >
  • < Type >


  • Total length in meters from 0.5m to 20m


  • DW

    • Drain Wire

  • BS

    • Back Shell


  • 323

    • Pin 3 of connectors joined using inner shields

  • Blank

    • Original SpaceWire specification, now called AL

  • A

    • New SpaceWire specification



Standard Cables
A set of standard cables is available.

  • CAB-2m-DW-A 2m, DrainWire, Type A connection

  • CAB-5m-DW-A 5m, DrainWire, Type A connection

  • CAB-2m-DW 2m, DrainWire, Type AL connection

  • CAB-5m-DW 5m, DrainWire, Type AL connection

Custom Cables

  • Custom lengths, connectors and configurations using our

    standard cable are available for order with a nominal 4 weeks


  • For cable lengths over 20m please discuss with 4Links


Product Briefs

The 4Links commercial cable assemblies for SpaceWire provide a lower-cost and flexible alternative to flight cables, when used for simulation and functional test of systems that are interconnected by SpaceWire.

A range of ‘Off The Shelf’ cables gets you going fast, while the custom cable option gives you flexibility in cable length, connector types and even custom connector options. For all custom cables please contract 4Links directly.

4Links cables use the same Micro-miniature D connectors as specified in ECSS-E-ST- 50-12C (and the new draft standard), but are made with a more flexible cable, with a smaller wire gauge than is specified in the SpaceWire standard. This smaller wire gauge helps to demonstrate that systems function without error under these worse conditions, providing a useful margin for operation in flight.

Type AL

SpaceWire Standard Type AL

This is the original SpaceWire standard cable connection (ECSS-E -ST-50-12C ) now marked as Legacy in the new draft standard (section


Product-comparions-Cables-1 AL.jpg


Type A

SpaceWire Standard Type A

This is the new SpaceWire standard cable connection based on the draft standard (section




Type 323

SpaceWire 4Links Special Type 323

This is a 4links special implementation of SpaceWire cable connection and can help ensure all equipment is operating with the same signal ground when used on the lab bench as it ensures the pin 3 ground is common between all connected units.




Connector Options

  • BS option use a back shell with the shield braid crimped to the back shell, providing a 360° shield termination, as required by the ECSS SpaceWire standard.
  • DW option have the overall shield drainwire soldered onto the body of the connector and then the connector assembly is potted. This is a significantly lower cost than the BS option, but there may be a possibility in some systems of RF interference leaking from the cable. The DW is therefore not recommended for situations where EMC performance or testing is required.