Application Interface

Key Features:


  • 8 Simultaneous links
  • Cross trigger support between 1U products
  • 1U rack mounted solution
  • Up to 400Mbps link speed
  • Gb Ethernet for communication

Portable DSI

  • 2 simultaneous Links
  • No cross trigger support
  • Small formfactor desktop box
  • Up to 400Mbps link speed
  • Gb Ethernet for communication



Related Products

The 4Links Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface (DSI) enables the user to create a full range of validation tests with excellent diagnostic features so they can solve problems quickly. Use it simply as a modelling interface, or to detect and resolve bugs, or to measure link and system performance parameters.

With 1 to 8 SpaceWire ports it spans device, instrument, board, subsystems or complete system level development and debug.


The Gb Ethernet Interface enables local or remote use across different computer hardware and operating systems. This combined with the CAPI, JAVA-API and example code gives the user a fast and flexible development environment to test, validate and debug their product.


  Feature  Option  DSI-RG4xx/8  P-DSI-2  ESL-RG401/8

 Controlled Outputs

 CO  Option  –  –
 Event / Error Injection  EI  Option  Included  –
 Event / Error Reporting  ER  Included  Included  Included
 Event / Error Waveforms  EW  Included  Included Included
 Output Enable / Disable  OE / OD  Option  –  –
 Synchronised Outputs  SO  Option  –  –
 Time Code Generation  TC  Included  Included  Included
 Time Tags  TT  Option  Included  Included